For each Customer, we adopt a personalized, tailor-made approach , that starts from an in-depth analysis of its brand values and its position on the market compared to the main competitors.

We share with the Customer the communication and marketing objectives but also the strategies and the tools best suited to achieving said objectives.

A thorough knowledge of the world of information, from the most traditional channels (paper press, TV and radio) to the new media (web, blogs and social networks), and of its main players allows us to assist the customer, step after step, in conquering or strengthening its reputation and brand awareness.

We carefully plan and follow all activities, from the drafting up to sending of press releases, to the organization of press tours or press events.

We believe that in the age of communication 2.0 human relationships nevertheless

underlie all success stories, which is the reason why we prefer

a “one-to-one” relationship with our interlocutors, be they journalists or opinion leaders.